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IDG World Expo has released details of the "Syndicated Company and Product Environments" conference track at Syndicate, scheduled to take place December 12-14, 2005 at the Hilton San Francisco. This track will discuss how companies of all sizes, from corporate titans like GM to neighborhood book stores, are syndicating all kinds of content in pursuit of real business goals.

The Syndicate conference shows how syndication and social media tools such as RSS, blogs and podcasts are helping to change the way businesses do business. The "Syndicated Company and Product Environments" track is one of four tracks, and it is geared to help companies learn how to better interact with and directly inform their customers.

Sessions in the "Syndicated Company and Product Environments" track include:

"Corporate Blogging," veteran corporate bloggers from Yahoo!, Forrester Research, NewsGator Technologies and WhatCounts discuss best practices for corporate blogging.

"RSS, Blogs, PodCasts and the New Marketing Mix," examines where these tools fit in a company's marketing strategy. Are they brand builders, or are they direct marketing programs? If the latter, what are the metrics and where is the ROI?

"Advertising in Blogs & RSS," the SVP for Interactive Marketing at Turner Broadcast (TBS), and executives from Blogads, Pheedo and Marqui will discusses how to pick the right blogs and bloggers to advertise with; discusses demographics, reach, impressions, visitors and influence.

"Conversational Marketing," discusses how online mavens and influentials can kill or catapult a carefully orchestrated marketing campaign in hours or days.

"RSS & Brand: Winning the Trust Battle with Customers," speakers from Google, SimpleFeed and Intuit discuss how smart companies are giving up the sales lead, but gaining an evangelist.

"After the Search Marketing Revolution," with speakers from IBM, and This session reviews successful search engine marketing strategies and then looks at what might succeed them.

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