'Strumpette' Plans to Liven Up Public Relations Industry


The PR industry is all a flutter over the launch of a new blog Media Orchard tells us about called Strumpette which promises to be the Gawker of public relations. It's written by Amanda Chapel who says "Strumpette is a totally naked journal of the PR Business." Apparently, she plans to take the lid off the industry and hold it up to a mirror.

In describing herself and her approach, we'd agree some serious gossip lay ahead. Amanda writes, "I am 5' 4" tall, athletic, Pantine shoulder-length black hair, perfect perky boobs. I present well and am most accomodating. I've slept with clients. I sleep with my boss. I am the consummate PR strumpette. When I was 7 my mother told me I'd "never get anywhere with that mouth." I've apparently dedicated my life in proving her wrong."

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by Steve Hall    Mar-26-06    
Topic: Weblogs

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