Blender Approves, Hospital Hires, Couch Kills, Intel Sings



Blender and Best Buy are getting together to launch "Blender Approved" music endorsed by the editors of the music magazine.

- Our old Boss, Jeff Winsper, President of Winsper Inc. has picked up the Exeter Hospital business and will develop a full on marketing program for the client. Huh? Oh. Sorry. Of course, we're mentioning this here because we worked for the guy and he's brilliant. Why else would we mention such small time news?

- Some people just don't like the fact that those Charmin Bears have to do their business just like every other animal on earth. Oh wait. It's the over used poop joke. Bring back that creepy freak Mr. Charmin. At least he was entertaining in a weird sort of way.

- Using email lists, message boards and video sites, Hub Strategy gave a viral boost to its commercial for Lombardi Sports in which death by extreme skiing is touted as killing fewer people than live as an inactive couch potato.

- In China, Intel employees get branded every morning with during their ritual exercises and this song.

- One Adrants readers thinks a recent Ad Week headline "Mazda N.A. Imports Marketing Exec" describing the movement of one of its employees from Japan to America is offensive. We think it's quite catchy ourselves.

- Here's a few outtakes of those kids in the Adidas World Cup 2006 Impossible Dream ads.

- If the U.S. Senate approves a constitutional amendment to prohibit flag-burning, Commercial Alert is urging U.S. Senators to define commercializing the flag as a form of desecration of the flag.

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