Scarlett Johansson Fronts Reebok Fashion Campaign


While Reebok and Scarlett Johansson would not appear to be two names normally mentioned in the same sentence, Reebok has signed a deal with the actress to front a new footwear and apparel fashion line called "Scarlett Hearts Rbk" which will launched in Spring 2007. Of course, no one's revealing how much coin Reebok will part with to secure Johansson but New York agency Mcgarrybowen will create a campiagn which will include television, print, Internet and outdoor.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (2)     File: Campaigns, Celebrity     Jul-26-06  
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"campiagns" like this make me stutter too. @V@

Gordy Brown will have a field day I'm sure...he did the creative for Crayola and he and Jack Owen have made a terrific branding of the Marriott properties.

This sounds really yummy, Steve, Big Thx for the post!

Posted by: Goose on July 26, 2006 12:41 PM

I would buy anything Scarlet chose to flog... Particularly if she would personally deliver it. Watch "Girl with a pearl earing." Apart from feeling as if you are living inside a Vemeer painting, she gives an amazing understated performance. As for "Lost in translation." I'm lost for words. Ooops, thought this was the IMDB message board. OK, back to ad shit. I have decided to spend the next couple of days on "AdScam" kicking the shit out of HP's dreadful "Personal Computer" campaign. Goodby should be ashamed of themselves, they're selling out faster than CP+B.

Posted by: George Parker on July 26, 2006 02:07 PM

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