It's Not My Fault, It's Your Fault. Pay Me


If OMD has it's way, it's the media that's also shit out of luck as well if some client complains and demands to be refunded for a screwed up ad buy. Media Daily News reports the agency has added wording to it's insertion orders requiring the media to pay the agency back if the agency issues a credit to the client. Can you see the creative accounting this enables? Client to agency: Let's screw those fuckers over at ABC. Agency to media: You need to pay us back for that screwed up buy on Lost. Agency to Client: here's that invoice for that...uh...fee for we did for...uh...something that...uh...just happens to match the cost of that ad buy on Lost.

by Steve Hall    Aug-25-06   Click to Comment   

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I'm confused. How could this happen? I never understood creative accounting. But I guess that's why I'm a creative.

Posted by: Voice of Reason on August 25, 2006 1:43 PM