Joe Jaffe Rides to Maine And Back In Adrants' Ear


Since we were so far behind in listening to American Copywriter and Joe Jaffe's Across the Sound, we took the opportunity to catch up on the long drive to Maine this weekend to catch the Annual Lobstermen's Daughters Bait Pocket Stuffing Contest. Tug and John of American Copywriter continue to amuse but since it took soooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch looooooooooooooonger to listen to Joe Jaffe's very looooooooooong Across the Sound, consuming almost the entire round trip, we'll concentrate on that.

In Joe's most recent podcast, he spends a lengthy amount of time reviewing the Debacle (btw, to answer your question, Joe, a link was emailed to us and we wrote our piece before we saw AdFreak's equally harsh review) making some interesting points that, while it was, indeed, an embarrassment to the industry - not to mention horridly off strategy - are not all negative. It's an interesting analysis. In reviewing the situation, Joe also calls to our attention the backstabbing, insecure nature of our industry as indicated by the many negative comments about's work both here on Adrants and over at AdFreak. It's as if we gleefully revel in kicking the dog while it's down. The most important point Joe made was that in creating the video, did something many other agencies would never dream of doing. They took a risk. They gambled. They didn't play it safe. Despite how we may all have felt about the video, some amount of fist bump shou;d be given to for helping to crack the tired, old mold of agency new business.

That's just a small bit of the insightful nuggest you will find on Across the Sound. Wonderful as the podcast is, there are a few negatives and since Joe is always asking for open and honest feedback, here's ours. The goofy and overly long intro to the Letters segment: lose it or dramatically shorten it. The goofy and overly long intro to the Winners and Losers segment: lose it or dramatically shorten it. The second half of the double introduction which is a carry over from the podcast's early day: lose it. Dump it. Get rid of it. It takes two minutes to get to the actual content of the podcast some weeks.

Because part of the purpose of Across the Sound podcast is to explore new media, of which podcasting is a part, it's natural to discuss the behind the scenes topics that go into the creation of the podcast. However, for anyone who's listened to more than two Across the Sounds, yet another discussion of whether Castblaster or Audacity is a better platform through which to produce a podcast grates heavily on the nerves. There's way too much man behind the curtain crap. Joe, we want to hear the brilliance that lives inside your head. We don't care how it gets from your head to our ears. You could cut 15 minutes off every one of your podcasts by following these suggestions. Of course, these are just suggestions and you can take them or leave them. Either way, likely, I'll still listen.

by Steve Hall    Aug-14-06   Click to Comment   
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You DO know about show notes right? And that magic fast forward button called your finger, right? :)

Thanks for the feedback Steve...a lot has changed since you guest hosted and I think it's grown and evolved nicely.

I'll certainly take your feedback to heart...esp. the Geoff Smith "letters" vignette (as I haven't paid him yet for it)

In all honesty, the one thing I have learnt from this process is that no two listeners are the same and for every one that hates the goofy shit (which is intended to be a corny rip-off of radio), another one loves it.

I do think your advice about the double-intro makes sense and I'll work on it.

As for the behind the scenes, I do this as a beacon for future potential podcasters...but again, I think you have a point.

Hmmm....what else? Oh yes, length. 1 hour is my max now and I am trying twice a week where possible (esp. when my "Castblaster" gets too full of listener comments)

Thanks again for your know I love it, which is why you took the time to send it.


Posted by: Joseph Jaffe on August 13, 2006 10:45 PM


i'd be really surprised if you take the comments to heart, because a looooooong time ago i used to listen to ATS religiously.

and i gave you comments. so i was a bit harsh on your bad singing voice (the annatooka song or whatever, which was goofy, horribly hard to listen to, AND wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long). but most of them focused on the EXACT thing that adrants comments on above.

don't take it personally, just take some of the suggestions to heart. you didn't last time, so i stopped listening. maybe a big blog like this will push you in the right direction.

Posted by: dave on August 15, 2006 2:28 PM

Top ripley also complained some time ago... in a very long blogpost :P

Posted by: peter on August 16, 2006 8:14 AM