Maria Sharapova Extends Prince Deal to 'Life'


That new marketing tennis queen Maria Sharapova has signed yet another deal, this time with Prince Sports, whose she's alrady been with since she was 14. This time, it's a lifetime deal the AP reports to be $25 million over the next ten years. Her most recent marketing deal was with Land Rover for its line of SUVs. Anna who?

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06   Click to Comment   

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Steve... Yeah, dead on with this. Unlike the other fucking Russian tennis bimbo... This one can actually play. But going back to your post of July 5th 2005 (see, I'm paying attention) she is now starting to cash in with a vengence. But as I said she can play... Unlike that other teen bimbo Michelle Wie... Who keeps trying to qualify for the mens tour and hasn't yet won anything worth shit on the womens tour. The most exciting thing she ever did was shove a putter up her crutch... Yes, you can see it in full glorious color on an earlier AdScam post... I'm still waiting for a re-post on the chick with the humungous bristols. I mean based on the stuff you post (which I love, by the way) you either spend 28 hours a day trawling for soft porn... Or, you have a bunch of interns out there looking for nasties on your behalf. So keep up the good work. It's dedicated people like you that make advertising the great business it is!!!
Oooops, forgot, I am going to do a post on AdScam, just for you, that you can lift and do with as you see fit.

Posted by: George Parker on August 30, 2006 5:47 PM

Now that's a sweet Sharapova pic. Whoa. What the hell do they feed women over there?

Posted by: T. on August 31, 2006 4:28 AM

Mixed Doubles with her, yes I would like to play on

Posted by: roy on August 31, 2006 5:28 PM