Army of Marching Robots Lock Step For Hyundai Santa Fe


Los Angeles-based SWAY Studio crafted the marching band-like precision CGI in this spot for the new Hyundai Santa Fe dreated by Dalls-based The Richards Group. In the ad, 362 robots movie with marching band finesse in acknowledgment of the 300 or so actual robots in the new Alabama Hyundai manufacturing plant. The spot broke yesterday.

So that all you creative and production types can appreciate the work SWAY did on this, we'll let the press release do the talking here: "SWAY started with a live action performance that involved a professionally choreographed dance team. Each member specialized in a particular dance style, including hip-hop, krump and vogueing. Due to the fast-paced routine and individual subtleties of the dancers, SWAY decided not to use motion capture to produce the animation. Instead, SWAY shot the dancers with multiple high-definition cameras, both at normal speed and in slow motion, to fully capture the details and intricacies of their movements. For the commercial, the dancers' movements were interpreted by SWAY's character animation team to develop the movements for the CG robots."

by Steve Hall    Sep-20-06   Click to Comment   

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Odd they would point out the fact that 362 Human jobs are gone because of these dancing robots.

That's the first place my mind went.

Posted by: ? on September 20, 2006 2:12 PM

That's far better than the 75000 Ford is doing.

Posted by: tom lout on September 20, 2006 2:33 PM

Re: ?

Nice. To be fair, it's a likely that more than 362 human jobs were replaced, since I'm willing to be the robots are at least, to some degree, multifunction.

But you have to look at it from the company's perspective. Robots don't ask for benefits. They work tirelessly. They never go on strike. They don't need to be paid, and if they get damaged or injured, they're easily replaceable with not a thought to workers' comp.

Anyway, that's all a moot point when compared to this:
The Hyundai plant they're celebrating? With the robots? They probably didn't replace any human jobs, since it's a new plant in the first place.

Also, they're Asian. Those Korean and Japanese just looooove robots.

Posted by: Marq on September 20, 2006 3:00 PM

hey guys, how about a proofreader?

"spot for the new Hyundai Santa Fe dreated (sic) by Dalls-based (sic) The Richars Group. In the ad, 362 robots movie (sic) with marking band finesse..."

yes, I'm an AE.

Posted by: Kelly on September 20, 2006 3:35 PM

Bottom Line - cool spot announcing a NEW plant in AMERICA to manufacture foreign cars. Just to enlighten '?' and give props to 'Marq' - the whole plant isn't run by robots, you silly PUNCuation person. Also, the robots are more reliable and precise, but they are controlled by people, maintained by people, and built by people. They work quicker than other people on the ass. line can have more time for QC...which allows the company to have faith in putting out a 10yr-100mile warranty...continue to increase sales...and not have to lay people off because of a crap product that can only be sold with huge incentive to offset the lack of quality.

Posted by: Tmoney on September 21, 2006 9:16 AM

Did Timoney say ASS LINE??? So people would have more time for a QUICKY CONFABULATION??? Then he wants to LAY people... Jesus... You get some strange comments on here. Thank God I'm normal!

Posted by: George Parker on September 23, 2006 6:56 PM