Blog Tenure Questioned, YouTube Gets Boob Reduction


- Ariel wonders where once famed bloggers like Robert Scoble and Dave Winer are today and wonders if bloggers are only as good as their last post.

- Like Tara Reid's boob size, the once fun bag sized YouTube is now undergoing a fun bag reduction with the addition of yet another CxO.

- The marketers for a book that craps on Christians are crapping their marketing all over conservative Christians to fuel controversy.

- AdFreak's got a hilarious spoof pharmaceutical ad that claims Tequila will cure all ills. Of course, just like a real pharmaceutical ad, there's all sorts of disclaimers.

- Career Builder hits Advertising Week with street walkers wearing farting woopie cusion. And we wonder why no one takes this business seriously.

- The Consumerist takes PR agency Edelman's Mike Krempasksy, who runs the Walmart blog, to task in a hilarious old media versus new media fight.

- Writing on TalentZoo, ScotG offers up some advice for those marketers who insist upon using sex to sell.

- And yes, that Truth in Advertising video is always worth another look.

- Dieste Harmel & Partners took home a Gold, a Silver and a Bronze at yesterday's New York Festival, the most medals of any US Hispanic shop.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     File: Weblogs     Sep-28-06  
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