Datran Media Outperforms With New Blog


Fights with Mark Naples aside, Datran has joined the bloguverse (isn't that better than blogosphere? After all, with blogging growing and a universe being bigger than a sphere, it's a valid replacement for the oh-so-tired and overused "blogosphere") with a blog named Outperformance Marketing because well, Performance Marketing was taken and ouot performing is better than performing. The name choice is explained on the blog thusly, "Datran Media coined the term Outperformance Marketing to describe our commitment to employ superior performance-based marketing strategies. The Outperformance Marketing Journal is our way of sharing this commitment beyond our walls to marketers everywhere." Not that they're actually going to share anything they could otherwise sell but, hey, it's an admirable venture. Editorial will provide email marketing news and research written by "an industry leading editorial staff" ie. Datran marketing folks

by Steve Hall    Sep-22-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Weblogs   

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