Draft Blows Into FCB, Mediocrity to Prevail


As only George Parker can, he says FCB New York Creative Director is fucked because the Draft/FCB merger puts Jonathan Harries in the position of worldwide chief creative officer for the company. Becker is fucked because, as George writes, "Having come across Mr. Harries in a previous life, I can assure you that he never met an ad he couldn't kill. Particularly if it had a spark of creativity in it. To sum it up in a word... Mediocrity. Or, to put it another way... Chris Becker is fucked!" Anyone out there need a CD?

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (6)     Sep-25-06  
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Who is George Parker?

Posted by: Laurie on September 25, 2006 03:05 PM

Oh Wow....
Laurie, Laurie... Do I detect a certain acidic churlishness that comes from the fact that you have never achieved the giddy heights of George Parkerdom? At least I have two fucking names... What is a "Laurie?" would that be the diminutive of Lawrence of Arabia... Whatever. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde... "To have lost one name is careless, to have also lost your sense of humor is unforgivable.

Posted by: George Parker on September 25, 2006 05:45 PM

Draft, FCB and creativity in the same sentence, someone has a sense of humour.

Posted by: james on September 25, 2006 07:14 PM

Who isn't fucked at either Draft or FCB? The axe is soon to fall at both. Layoff rumours abound and it seems that it may not just be upper management that gets the shaft. Everyone from creative directors to Howard Draft's personal payroll prostitutes may be forced to take a sad severance package.

Only the fat cats will benefit from this merger. Leaving everyone else out in the cold. But beware, Michael Roth. Merging two of your agency pawns doesn't seem to be one of your fortes. Did somebody say Lowe?

Posted by: L. Boschetto, CEP (chief executive pedophile) on October 1, 2006 01:56 PM

The Chief Executive Pedophile has an enviably acidic couple of points there. "Personal Payroll Prostitutes" indeed! Love it. Allthough, I don't know what "Laurie" will think.

Posted by: George Parker on October 1, 2006 05:14 PM

I say good riddance. The atmosphere of overt nepotism and corporate rigidity has been a nightmare for any decent creative at Draft for years. But it doesn't really matter, go to Draft's website and creative is the last asset mentioned by this self-proclaimed ad powerhouse.

It's the same old story, put a boatload of people out of work to raise the value of your stock a few cents. I guess Lawrence learned how to fuck someone unwitting and not admit to it at the Loyal Order of Franciscan Brotherhood.

Posted by: Edward on October 12, 2006 09:09 AM

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