Teen Queen Returns, Hollywood Director Returns, Jesus Returns


- Anastasia Goodstein is expanding her youth focused Ypulse to include networking events, a new blog aimed at parents of teens, consulting and speaking. We missed her teen insight while she was at CurrentTV and we welcome her back.

- The Art Directors Club is naming Janet Froelich, Issey Miyake, Nancy Rice, Bert Stern, Art Spiegelman, Nicholas Negroponte to its Hall of Fame.

Writing in MediaPost, Eric Sass thinks the imagery in a recent Lexus commercial featuring two cars racing through New York City is to reminiscent of 9/11. We understand the point but we just don't see it.

- We're not so sure an Oscar winning Hollywood director making the move back to shooting commercials is necessarily a step up but that's the step Barbara Kopple has taken with Nonfiction Spots.

- The New York Times says in its new campaign These Times Demand the Times.

- Lebron James helps a couple white boys get down with it for MTV's SPorts Blender.

- Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners is continuing their "Secret Decoder" campaign for Mini USA that involved a secret code mailing to owners. If you're not an owner, Brent has the code for you here.

- Here's the new Apple ad from TBWA\Chiat\Day promoting the new colors for the new iPod nano.

- Altois is giving away its new Curiously FUssy tin designed by New York artists Lindsey Adelman in a drawing.

- In a video interview with CoBRANDiT, Rocketboom's Andrew Baron reveals he can get $80K per week for a sponsorship now. Amanda who?

OK, here's another one of those spots we were talking about before that uses celebrity sports figures to sell shoes.

- Ironic Sans thinks reverse product placement - fake movie/TV products - is the wave of the future.

- Jesus sighted on MySpace page.

- In some sort of viral movie trailer contest, Scott Rankin won for his spoof of the Tom Cruise movie Cocktail which he re-named Caaktall.

- alls-based Six Flags is having a cockroach eating contest to drum up business.

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Regarding the comment about Barbara Kopple... I think most in the industry have much respect for commercial directors, and I'm sure your readers value Ms. Kopple's contributions to ad campaigns over the past dozen years or so. Nonfiction brings the talents of award-winning documentary filmmakers to bear on commercial projects, resulting in thoughtful spots that are authentic and engaging. As a documentary filmmaker working in all media, Ms. Kopple's accomplishments are extraordinary... and until she ventures into production on her next feature project, she'll be crafting spots that are very likely to knock your socks off. We'll keep you posted....

Posted by: Roger Darnell on September 18, 2006 3:13 PM

Now the way I see that picture on the side of the beer glass is that it must be A picture of Attila The Hun. He must have been a real beer drinker. Now if someone can come up with a real picture of Jesus that looks like this one I'll change my mind. By the way wich Jesus are we talking about, I have a couple of Mexican friends who want to know.

Posted by: Old Redneck on September 18, 2006 5:12 PM

1) Anastasia Goodstein rocks!

2) Errol Morris and many other fine documentary directors harness their talents for commercials. [See: Apple ads.] After all, there's not much $$ in documentary.

3) Rocketboom could get $80k for an ad before Amanda left.

Posted by: anony-mouse on September 19, 2006 3:27 AM