Datran's Dancing Bar Babes Highlight ad:tech Party Tour


Stepping in where Bluelithium left off and getting our vote as the the company providing the coolest party entertainment, Datran Media hosted a party Monday night at ad ad:tech in News York at 110 University Place. Upon entry, the four corners of a two sided bar were graced with four women dressed in Datran-colored frilly outfits which revealed far more than they covered. In the back area of the club, a woman dressed in a flesh colored body suit was suspended from the ceiling, writhing in a sheet-like sling which did an effective job showing off the contours of her body. Apparently, it was interesting to the audience as every eye in the place was aimed upward. Beyond the gyrating human-style entertainment, the Datran party also offered numerous pool tables and even a bowling alley.

In terms of ambiance, another metric by which we measured the amusement factor of this year's ad:tech parties, both the Industry Brains and Crobar parties where at the top of the list though for very different reasons. Vertical industry keyword targeting company Industry Brains held their party at Divine Bar, a very red, elegant-ish establishment where decent wine and delicious snacks where served. The ambiance was relaxing and just what was needed after a long day at the conference. Good wine. Comfy couches. Good party. And an awards show as well.

The Crobar party hosted by affiliate network PrimeQ, performance-based diect marketing company CPA Empire and several others, on the other hand, delivered everything expected of the annual ad:tech throbfest: loud music, dry ice fog, people who think they can dance but can't, big burly officious-looking bouncers, a VIP room that was the human equivalent of a sardine can and the typical ten to one male to female ratio full of guys hoping to get laid and women not yet aware of what they will regret the next morning. But, hey, that's Crobar by definition and it delivered beautifully in its own unique way.


The winners in the food category were Hitwise for their party held at a location whose name eludes but was the same location as the DoubleClick party and to Opt-Intelligence held at Loft 11. Hitwise rated high in the food category mainly because the mini-burgers were so loved by eMarketer's Waisum Tam and several others in our group. Opt-Intelligence wins for their full-on spread of delicious food that went far beyond the snackfest most parties provide and into the full-on meal category. Perfect for that 8:30 PM feeding following several hours of cocktail and greasy fried things.

Traffic Marketplace held a party at Tenjune but they don't get rated because the door staff didn't like the mental state of a few people in our entourage and made the right decision not to let them in but we're sure the party was just fine.

While there's certainly a proliferation of online poker sites in this industry and a Vegas-style infatuation with the game, we just don't think it makes for that great a party unless you're at the table playing the game. After all, who wants to watch a bunch of people staring intently into their hand of cards and pondering things that will either make them a thousandaire or wipe out their checking account. OK, that aspect is pretty entertaining but the Club Deep disco ball kinda ruined the ambiance. Oh wait, maybe disco balls are part of the deal when it comes to poker. We have no idea. You tell us.

Achieving last mention is the first party of the evening, the Optimost-hosted Back Nine party held in the New York Hilton Slate Suite on the 44th floor. Sadly, and through no fault of their own because it was a Hilton fried finger food fest, this smallish cocktail party, complete with men telling us how to secure website directories, had, by far the worst food of the evening.

After attending no less than 8-10 parties Monday night, some advice is offered to the companies who hosted the parties and who plan to in the future: ad:tech is a two night gig. You don't need to play the pre-emption game by stacking the party deck on Monday night. Tuesday night seems wide open compared to last night's party scene but we really won't know the full story until we actually experience it. It would appear there's plenty of party landscape to claim on this second night of ad:tech.

See you all Tuesday night. The images in this article and in the photo album come courtesy of Ariel Waldman.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 7-06   Click to Comment   
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Is there a reason that the "Datran Media" link takes us to the prank phonecall from another article?

Posted by: KW Williams on November 9, 2006 10:59 AM

I wonder, why did she bar dancer just wear those ropes arround her chest :P

Posted by: JOhn on March 7, 2007 8:57 AM