KFC logo Gets Hipped Up, Khadafied


Where's My Jetpack had a bit of fun with the recently released new KFC logo do-over and can up with a couple suggestions of their own:

"Design Notes: The brief called for 'a new look' so we decided to 'hip up' the Colonel. We went with emo glasses, some hair dye and trimmed up that goatee into a soul patch. Also, the chin needed some chiseling and the face certainly benefited from minor liposuction. KFC reportedly rejected the design because it was 'too sexy.'"

And another...


"Seems everyone and their grandma in this incestuous advertising blogosphere is covering the new KFC logo, but few took note of the change to Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises in Libya, where they have been renamed Khadafi Fried Chicken, and will have a new logo. A company spokesperson says, 'At least it's still KFC, unlike in French-speaking Quebec, where we have to call them PFC.' The spokesperson added, 'Both Sanders and Khadafi are Colonels, so the change won't be that dramatic to the local customers.'"

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Spoofs   

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