Seriously. Word of Mouth Marketing Works


If you're wondering why so many marketers are talking about word of mouth marketing it's because, according to the Word of mouth Marketing Association, it works. In fact, it, seemingly, works so well, the organization is having another conference on the topic covering word-of-mouth, viral, buzz and blog marketing. On December 12 and 13 at the organization's Word of Mouth Marketing Summit 2 held in Washington, DC, marketers can learn from other marketers who've done successful words of mouth marketing campaigns, learn why today's trend toward consumer control is ripe for word of mouth, listen to Mentos' Pete Healy talk about his company's successful leveraging of the Mentos/Diet Coke viral wave and hear AOL's Ted Leonis talk about AOL's initiatives in this area.

As Grey's Anatomy's Meredith always says, "Seriously." Seriously, if you wonder why companies are successful without spending a boatload of money on TV, word of mouth can play a significant role. Get more info here.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 4-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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