Hotel de Maxim Brings Luxe to Super Bowl with Slew of Marketers


Maxim brings VIP-exclusive event Hotel de Maxim to the South of France to celebrate the Super Bowl in style. A nod to the jet-setting days of St. Tropez in the '60's, Hotel de Maxim shoots to bring party-goers a fete that will make P. Diddy's parties look like visits to The Jungle. With a mix of martinis, slots and caviar, Grandmaster Flash on the tables and live Sirius broadcasting, all it's missing is a vice orgy replica on Second Life.

Marketing cameos will include Cadillac, which will be sporting its White Diamond Escalade; Absolut, bringing its Flavor Fountains and martini station; Coors and the Bullet Girls; and Samsung, who'll be setting up an LCD TV Video Wall Garden.

Hotel de Maxim PR guys asked us to picture Bridget Bardot walking barefoot across the beach as Mick Jagger pours Champagne, but after detailing the scene we're thinking more along the line of Penelope stumbling around with a bowl full of cocaine in Blow right before the cops bust in. Decadence is decadence. Not a huge difference, yeah?

by Angela Natividad    Jan-31-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Events, Super Bowl 2007   

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