Movie Claims Western Environmentalists Should 'Mine Their Own Business'


Now here's angle you don't see very often. A new film, Mine Your Own Business, "exposes the dark side of environmentalism" and posits Western environmentalists are to blame for keeping poor, third world countries in poverty claiming development and progress will ruin the poor's "quaint" lifestyle.

The movie follows 23 year old George, an unemployed Romanian miner who can't find work because Western environmentalists have launched an anti-mining campaign against a propsed mine in the area that would offer jobs and growth to many people. The movie is said to make us "think about the unintended consequences of blindly supporting environmentalist/anti-development campaigns across the globe. It is a challenge to the cozy consensus that allows westerners to deny progress to those who need it most."

Interesting indeed. The movie is being promoted with a trailer on YouTube that makes one wonder whether the movie is a comedy or a drama. A FOX News report say the movie has been financed by a Canadian mining company and is a piece of propoganda. The filmaker admits the film was financed but says he had complete editorial control.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-07   Click to Comment   
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Actually, a major publication (I want to say the NY Times Magazine) did a story about mining that included this Romanian guy. It mentioned the movie, too, so it's not really a secret, but it's still slimy for them to just stick it up on YouTube unattributed. (And don't even get me *started* about FoxNews letting that assertion of creative control slide by unchallenged!)

Posted by: Martha C. White on February 2, 2007 4:46 PM