David Lynch Speaks Truth on Product Placement in Films


Freakazoid filmmaker David Lynch minces no words when asked his opinion on product placement in movies. Just watch. There's nothing else to say. Classic. Simply classic.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Product Placement   

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I love it when celebrities are candid, and not in a self-conscious way. I agree with David, mostly. I'd hate to see the camera linger over product placement in a movie scene where it isn't pertinent to the story. But, if there's some element or quality of the a product that boosts the storyline or character development, I'm willing to play along.

Great example: In HBO's Entourage, Turtle and Johnny are playing Xbox in at least one scene of every other episode. Is it a product placement or just part of the lifestyle? I wonder if HBO's getting a cut of the action?

Posted by: Gerry on April 11, 2007 12:47 PM