Brands Lauded, Bitch Slapped For Gay, Lesbian Portayal in Ads


Speaking of there being an organization for every cause known to man, the Commercial Closet Association, a group that makes sure the ad industry responsibly includes gays and lesbians in advertising, has announced the nominees for its third Annual Images in Advertising Awards. Another awards show, you say? Yes, indeed.

Nominated for the night's top honor of Outstanding Commercial are Subaru, IKEA, Nissan, Lifetime, and Sunsilk, along with their respective ad agencies.

Unlike other awards shows with love to heap praise on the positive accomplishments of those in the ad industry, Commercial Closet Assosiation also gleefully celebrates companies it deems irresponsible in properly reflecting gays and lesbians in their advertising. Wrist slap nominees this year include NBC Universal's film Let's Go to Prison, Bass Hotels & Resorts' Holiday Inn, DaimlerChrysler's Dodge Caliber, Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 2, Diageo's Red Stripe Beer, The Hershey Co.'s Reese's Sticks, and SABMiller's Milwaukee's Best.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     File: Industry Events     May-21-07  
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