Choco-Brown Bud Business Gets Busted in Oakland


Here's a great way to maintain staying power in a market: make the product illegal, and ensure enforcement is next to impossible.

Word has it that an Oakland-based business called Tainted, which pushes weed-laced candies and other food products to "cannabis clubs," got raided last week.

Business was apparently thriving: the company has ordered almost four tons of chocolate in two years to support a sweet tooth for Mr. Greenbud and Buddafinga bars.

A store manager and two couriers have been arrested, but the firm's owner Michael Martin is still at large. He faces charges of federal conspiracy.

There's something wrong with this picture. Can you imagine a bunch of pot-laced kids trying to overthrow The Man? They can't even get up off their couches. Legalizing cannabis might be the best thing that ever happens to our government.

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (0)     File: Policy     Oct- 4-07  
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