ad:tech Monday Night Reported IM-Style


While I can't comment on the MediaWhiz Poker Party because I didn't go, I can say all the parties Monday night at ad:tech New York were quite good. Adrants Co-Editor Angela will have an interesting story for you about her experience at the Pascha party and in lieu of the usual litany of we did this, then this, then this and went here and then here and then here, I just got lazy and all I'm going to do is share with you the morning-after IM conversation I shared with Angela. After all, why rewrite something when you don't have to? We like to be efficient like that around here. OK, so it's lazy but efficient sounds better. Come on. We're hung over!


[09:40] Angela Natividad: Good morning
[09:41] adrants: good AM to you too
[09:41] Angela Natividad: I had the weirdest night
[09:41] adrants: sorry I lost you last night but it was like a sea of flesh!
[09:41] adrants: really? do tell
[09:41] Angela Natividad: where'd you go after datran?
[09:58] adrants: after Datran, I went to Pascha
[09:59] Angela Natividad: me too
[09:59] Angela Natividad: duuuude
[09:59] adrants: well then you know trying to find someone there would be not so easy


[09:59] adrants: duuude?
[09:59] adrants: yea?
[09:59] Angela Natividad: okay
[09:59] Angela Natividad: i was wandering around
[09:59] Angela Natividad: looking for a place to smoke
[10:00] adrants: yea, sorry. I didn't even get your texts until I was back to the hotel...sorry about that
[10:00] Angela Natividad: it's all good
[10:00] Angela Natividad: and i asked this security guard where i could go because i smelled smoke with my tingly sixth sense
[10:00] adrants: there was a place outside on the third floor or something?
[10:00] Angela Natividad: and he said, "you can smoke here" and he pointed to this little area that was cordoned off


[10:00] Angela Natividad: i think there was, but that's not where i ended up
[10:01] Angela Natividad: and i said "snazzers" and started walking, then he said "do you want to drink with these people too?" and i said "uh, okay"
[10:01] Angela Natividad: and he led me by the arm to the little section and tapped this man's shoulder who had a big blonde bouffant
[10:01] Angela Natividad: and he whispered something and the man took my hand and led me over the rope
[10:02] Angela Natividad: so it was a vip section and they had a table just for their drinks and cigarettes, and a waitress just for them
[10:02] adrants: you suck!


[10:02] Angela Natividad: there was some old man sleeping on the couch, and the senior vp of microsoft was there -- he's a [deleted for fear of legal repercussion:-)]
[10:02] adrants: sleeping? lol
[10:02] Angela Natividad: yeah!
[10:02] Angela Natividad: it was weird
[10:02] Angela Natividad: and the man offered me champagne (the bouffant man)
[10:02] adrants: bouffant
[10:02] adrants: did you take a pic of him?
[10:02] Angela Natividad: no because they wouldn't let me snap pictures!
[10:02] Angela Natividad: and
[10:02] Angela Natividad: i lifted up a glass, and he THREW IT
[10:03] Angela Natividad: he threw it where the dancers were and found a cleaner one
[10:03] Angela Natividad: they were just smoking and tossing drinks all over the place


[10:03] adrants: jesus
[10:03] Angela Natividad: but i stayed there bc i got into conversation with some interesting people, then at 2:30 they all wanted to smoke pot and go to hustler, so i went to bed
[10:03] adrants: lol
[10:03] Angela Natividad: i know!
[10:03] Angela Natividad: it's all still spinning in my brain
[10:04] adrants: yea...the morning after
[10:04] adrants: hustler...ha! I did go there....for about ten minutes
[10:04] Angela Natividad: yeah, i woke up to Olivier [a co-worker] tearing me a new asshole
[10:04] Angela Natividad: that didn't come out right


[10:04] Angela Natividad: i was checking my emails and falling back to sleep and he's been ranting about things
[10:04] adrants: never a good thing with Olivier
[10:04] adrants: Olivier can get on a tear
[10:05] Angela Natividad: yeah he can
[10:05] Angela Natividad: how was hustler!
[10:05] adrants: Hustler was odd
[10:05] adrants: it's like fake and gross
[10:05] adrants: like the girls don't even look real
[10:05] Angela Natividad: lol
[10:05] Angela Natividad: it's hustler!
[10:05] adrants: they look like robots doing a job


[10:05] adrants: and it's the most non-sexual experience one could have
[10:05] adrants: of course there were these "back rooms" I didn't check out :-)
[10:06] adrants: the place where the party was was tiny. I didn't know anyone when I got there
[10:06] adrants: I was supposed to meet someone who does PR for the company that held the party but she left early because she had had enough
[10:06] adrants: it was just a not fun time
[10:06] Angela Natividad: what time did you go? it must have been super late
[10:07] adrants: oh...I actually went there between Datran and Pascha
[10:07] Angela Natividad: lol yeesh
[10:07] Angela Natividad: you do party hard
[10:07] adrants: hardly...I just show up, look, take pictures and leave
[10:07] adrants: all so I can have a few paragraphs of copy in the AM
[10:08] Angela Natividad: i tried taking pics but they always come out blurry and retarded


[10:08] Angela Natividad: oh and Brian and i danced to abba
[10:08] Angela Natividad: OH!
[10:08] Angela Natividad: ONE MORE THING
[10:09] Angela Natividad: steve i made $100
[10:09] adrants: for what??
[10:09] adrants: a lap dance? kidding
[10:09] Angela Natividad: yeah, that's my side job actually
[10:09] adrants: ha!
[10:09] Angela Natividad: you know that dude who came with us from old timers?
[10:09] adrants: yea...the OT guy
[10:09] adrants: Peter?
[10:09] Angela Natividad: yeaaah
[10:09] Angela Natividad: so we were at the Datran party
[10:09] Angela Natividad: making fun of people in whispers


[10:09] Angela Natividad: and there was this woman with big 80s hair
[10:09] Angela Natividad: and he said "i bet you won't walk up to her and ask if she owns a ripped sweater"
[10:10] Angela Natividad: and i said "i bet i will" and he said "i bet $100 you will not"
[10:10] Angela Natividad: so i did
[10:10] adrants: and how did the lady react?
[10:10] Angela Natividad: she asked why i wanted to know, and i told her she looked just like jennifer beals
[10:10] Angela Natividad: and she said I LOVE YOU! and hugged me
[10:10] adrants: no shit
[10:10] adrants: funny...and a little weird
[10:10] Angela Natividad: and then peter gave me $100 and went home
[10:10] Angela Natividad: lol
[10:11] adrants: That's a good one


[10:12] adrants: So I started at the Hotel bar with Datran guy John Engler and Susan Bratton and bunch of other people
[10:12] adrants: And then went to dinner with Lindsay Mure from AdFemme and some really nice people from Ward Media and Sage Media
[10:13] adrants: this Chinese place. It was really good
[10:13] Angela Natividad: uh huh
[10:13] Angela Natividad: and then and then?
[10:14] adrants: Well after that is was the Oldtimers party where I saw you
[10:14] adrants: What did you think of that party?
[10:16] Angela Natividad: old timers?
[10:16] adrants: yea
[10:17] Angela Natividad: you came just 20 minutes after me
[10:16] Angela Natividad: it was okay, i always see familiar faces there, but it can feel a mite cliquey


[10:16] Angela Natividad: one good thing about the OTs is there aren't a bunch of drooling kids everywhere
[10:16] adrants: Definitely. I think I got there too late. Everyone was on the way out
[10:16] Angela Natividad: but i guess that's how i'm perceived -- new blood and all
[10:17] adrants: Ah
[10:17] adrants: New blood
[10:17] adrants: Indeed you are
[10:18] adrants: And yea, cliquey...but really smart people
[10:17] adrants: But the other wweird thing is, I know all these people by name but not by face so every time I get introduced to someone it's like "Oh yea, I know you."
[10:19] Angela Natividad: it's true


[10:19] Angela Natividad: it was probably also the only place i could think
[10:19] Angela Natividad: everywhere else was so loud!
[10:19] adrants: Definitely. So I think I got to Pascha around 11P.....and texted Alice Anda cause she was there but it took like ten messages before we found each other
[10:20] adrants: Finally ended up in the sea of flesh on the dance floor in front of the stage and danced for like two hours to the DJ rapper dudes
[10:20] Angela Natividad: and then, and then...
[10:20] adrants: oh it never got as exciting as you might imagine;)
[10:21] adrants: We each took pics of everyone around us. Silly drunk stuff. We both emptied our cards. All the pics suck, of course!
[10:21] adrants: Got half of people's faces, people's legs, the air, club lights, up nose shots...

[10:21] adrants: but I did snap a pic of her friend's boobs
[10:22] adrants: That was my crowing achievement of the evening
[10:22] Angela Natividad: lol
[10:22] Angela Natividad: i doff my hat to your boobage
[10:22] adrants: Well, she was tiny and they were big so it was fun!
[10:23] adrants: I'm so lame
[10:23] Angela Natividad: hardly lame -- we need some comic relief

So like I said in the beginning, all the parties were good. Everyone had fun. And, well, that's it. See all the pictures here. Time to go do the conference thing and than start all over again tonight. See you out there.

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