Jenna Jameson Wants Us to Pleather Ourselves


If there's any one company that's milking (yes, they did that too) the whole sex sells thing, it's PETA. With so many of their campaigns using sex as its primary means of attracting attention, one might assume the entire staff of PETA is a bunch of nymphomaniacs. That or they are so hard up for sex, their ad campaigns are their only form of release.

So here we have retired porn star Jenna Jameson dressing up in pleather to urge S&M lovers to loose their leather and don plastic instead. Sounds good to us. Plastic would seem to do a much better job than leather at containing all those messy fluids that often go along with wearing clothes like this.

You now, if PETA didn't tell us this was actually Jenna Jameson in the ad, we'd have no idea. I suppose it's probably a good thing to go out and get a big ass face job (plastic surgery, not a facial you sickos) if you're retiring from porn so all those drooling men and women that "appreciated" themselves while appreciating Jenna don't stalk.

by Steve Hall    Mar-13-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Racy   

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I clicked on the ad when I ran into it in a sidebar, so I guess it works. It was kind of boring when I got to the PETA site, though. They didn't seem to do much with the concept.

Posted by: Alanna on March 15, 2008 5:31 AM