Abercrombie & Fitch Sponsors Obama's Concession Speech?


Now here's an interesting product placement. And you know it has to be one because the liklihood of three guys all wearing Abercrombie & Fitch occupying the much sought after on-camera position behind a presidential candidate making a concession speech is next to zero. Unless, of course, it was purposefully orchestrated to be a product placement.

It certainly seems feasible and makes sense given Obama's desire to appeal to the young voter. The effort, while not necessarily a new thing, is admirable and, though a bit overkill, is hardly the worst product placement we've seen.

by Steve Hall    Apr-23-08   Click to Comment   

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Presumably this means it's only a matter of time before we see posters on the side of buses of a shirtless Obama with his ass hanging out

Posted by: Rav Casley Gera on April 23, 2008 3:53 PM

Before you go putting stuff like this out there, you might want to do a little fact checking. According to Keith Olbermann last night, the A&F folks said it was NOT a product placement.

Posted by: R on April 24, 2008 3:40 PM

We did. Got no reply.

Posted by: Steve Hall on April 24, 2008 5:08 PM

Those guys really stood out to me, too, and I wondered if it was product placement, or did they just get off of work at A&F? It was distracting, and the guys themselves weren't super enthused. Intentional or not, it read as weird.

Posted by: Maryann on April 24, 2008 10:40 PM

Surely, though, if they'd just come from work at A&F, they'd have had no shirts on at all?

Sorry, you guys are probably trying to talk about this seriously, aintcha.

Posted by: Rav Casley Gera on April 25, 2008 10:58 AM