Dancing Supermodels and Nipple Electrocution Pay Off


Well, once again, it just goes to show the perennially pointless, annual natter-fest over which Super Bowl spots scored and which didn't is, well, perennially pointless. Recent Q1 numbers from Pepsi show its Amp and SoBe brands, which ran two of the worst scoring ads, according to many, in this year's game, are doing just fine.

Of course, one can never completely attribute the success of a company to just one commercial, even if it was a Super Bowl commercial, but Amp's Q1 sales were up 28.7 percent, besting all others in the category.

SoBe LifeWater, which spent $12.2 million on Q1 media saw sales increase 247.9 percent. Hmm. Maybe dancing lizards and nipple electrocution aren't such bad advertising tactics after all.

Bob? Bob?

by Steve Hall    May-29-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research, Super Bowl 2008   

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