Boston's Twitterati Geek Out With Gary Vaynerchuck At Live Thunder Show


Last night at the Commonwealth Hotel in Boston, wine guru Gary Vaynerchuck hosted his WLTV Thunder Show in front of a live audience eager to drink in his wine expertise. The room was packed with geekerati busily multitasking between Twitter, their camera phones and, occasionally, each other. As always, Gary wowed the crowd with wit, humor and stellar wine expertise.

And Gary got a warm welcome from host Dmitri Gunn who replaced Gary V's Jets spittoon with one branded with the Patriots logo. Hilarity ensued.

After the show, there was a book signing and the crowd was treated to a wine tasting courtesy of Boston's Wine Gallery. And, if drinking a bunch of wine weren't enough, mZinga hosted an after party at The Foundation Lounge where, apparently, there was food. Though if you wanted any, you had to stake out a position near the kitchen exit door. Food never made it past that point. Unless you ordered (and paid) for it on your own.

Hey, no complaints. The martinis were great. The show was great. The event was great. Mingling with Boston-based Twitterati, digerati and geekerati was great. Check out all the pictures here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-08   Click to Comment   
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