Olympians Get Nude! (Well, With All Crucial Parts Covered)


Alright. Here's the nudity in advertising story of the day. There's a quota here at Adrants, you know. Anyway, British athletes triple jumper Phillips Idowu, cyclist Rebecca Romero and swimmer Gregor Tait all got naked for a British Powerade campaign.

Coke Marketing Director Cathryn Sleight explained the campiagn, saying, "Everyone is used to seeing athletes in competition or winning, but we wanted to give people the chance to see the real make-up of an athlete and their muscle and power." Yea, that makes a whole lot of sense because, ya know, seeing an Olympian nude really helps people better understand the athlete.

No, Cathryn. You created the campaign to get headlines and press just like you are getting right here, right now and everywhere else for yoir little campaign.

The other two images are here and here.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 6-08   Click to Comment   

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So, it's a bunch of British hacks that will not get a whiff of the podium nude. I'll stick with Lindsey Dawn Mackenzie, thanks.

Posted by: Dustin on August 6, 2008 11:40 AM

I'm curious what Bob Garfield would say about these spots.

Posted by: wheatley on August 6, 2008 12:21 PM

So ya know Rebecca ain't no hack...

Silver medal Olympics 2004
Gold medal World Championships 2005

Cycling (Pursuit on Track)
Silver medal UCI Track World Cup Dec. 2006
Silver medal World Championships 2007
Gold medal Individual Pursuit World Championships 2008
Gold medal Team Pursuit World Championships 2008

Posted by: greg on August 6, 2008 4:27 PM