Post Mortems Armchair Quarterback the Super Bowl


- Here's a list of what has been dubbed The Top Five Most Socially Irresponsible Commercials od the 2009 Super Bowl.

- Collective Intellect has release a post-Super Bowl study examining the uses of social media during the game and found Pepsi to dominate the conversation with 19 percent share of voice. Adding Pepsi's SoBe and Doritos into the mix raises that figure to 40 percent. See a summary of the study here.

- Member's of AOL's FanHouse have chosen Coke's Picnic their favorite Super Bowl commercial followed by Budweiser's Fetch, Bridgestone's Moon Dancers, Budweiser's Clydesdale (unclear which one), Bridgestone's Potato Head, Doritos' Power of Crunch.

- New Media Strategies took a look at all the social media action that took place during the Super Bowl and created a report. There were 190,000 blog mentions and 49,000 tweets among other findings.

- Not to be outdone by all the other Super Bowl Best Commercials lists, Kellogg School of Management has chimed in and named its number one spot of the game.

- Intuit has hooked up with AOL's Platform-A giving TurboTax a major presence on the AOL homepage and other AOL sites.

- Mark Timms tells the story of how he came up with Miller's one second commercial idea.

- The Cinema Advertising Council has released a study that found "combined television and cinema ad campaign more than doubled the conversion rate as compared to television alone."

The Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies are urging their members to convince the remaining 442 magazines which still charge for bleed to stop doing so citing a study that, based on today's production technologies, finds there's no cost-based reason for the charge.

- I like big butts and I can not like proper English and I can not lie.

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Great recap and thanks for all the links... it was fun "watching" the superbowl ads with you via twitter :)

- Krista

Posted by: Krista Neher on February 3, 2009 4:24 PM