Madonna's Not the Only One with Adoption Troubles.

Score one more for ad creep. You know those small blue adoption signs off to the right shoulder on almost any major highway? Well, get used to them because they're not going anywhere. While driving through CT recently, I noticed an outdoor sign for the Luv Boutique. No big deal, except that I saw an adoption sign for the same place. Pick anything, a cause, a celebrity, a drug, anything, and chances are there's now a group willing to adopt asphalt in support of it. Socialists, libraries, geocachers, gay and lesbian community services, a guy named Jonathan, men in crisis and of course, these people. Although, it's not a bad idea. Tailor social media sites to relevant areas? Score! "This next stretch of barren road, devoid of people and real interaction is sponsored by Twitter."
by Bill Green    Apr-21-09   Click to Comment   

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