Real-Time Cannes! Cannes Dbags! Cannes Wall Flys!


Oh screw all that new web 2.0/new media shit. It's too much work. Here at Adrants, we're going retro. We're going back to the days when reporting was reporting. When journalism was journalism. Yes, that's right. We're actually going to write stories...yea, stories...about Cannes.

We aren't going to auto-scrape social media commentary from everyone else in the world just because it's technologically possible. We're not going to ask people to tweet about the plethora of embarrassing douchebaggery that will, no doubt occur during the week. We're not going to ask people to send us drunken mobile phone videos of their half-dressed counterparts having casual, illicit sex with cross-global rivals.

Nope. We would never stoop that low. We're just going to....steal it all from the aforementioned efforts and serve up one big ass Cannes-flavored RSS feed that will auto-scroll down the page so fast you won't be able to read it which won't really matter because most of it will be useless drivel.

OK, so we're kidding about that part. Well, not about the useless drivel part. But what we are going to offer you is the Rockin' Angela Natividad, Co-Editor of Adrants who will give you her version of spectacularly insightful and witty commentary about one spectacularly inane week known as Cannes.

In the meantime, the rest of us here at Adrants will continue to serve up what scraps of news we can find during the week's ALL CANNES, ALL THE TIME ad industry boondoggle.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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