Sexy Stripshow + Live Gutting = 'Viral Success'


To call attention to the apparently savage act of gutting a fish while it's alive, Dutch agency Revolver Media created a website and video featuring fetish model Ancilla Tilia. There was a countdown clock and on Monday, June 22, Tilia began to strip.

She was never able to completely strip before a fisherman-looking dude appeared onstage and began to gut her like a fish. Alive, of course, in yet another spectacle likening human feeling and emotion to that of lower...strike that...other life forms.

Claiming viral success, the agency informs us the website was visited 50,000 times the first few days, the video was downloaded 10,000 times and viewed on YouTube 70,000 time. No explanation was offered as to why the particular YouTube link provided had only amounted to 7,846 biews.

Oh well. Hot woman. Who strips. Equals "viral succes" no matter the cause. Or so we are told.

by Steve Hall    Jun-29-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy, Video   

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