True Blood is Truly Weird


This is hilarious! It's another promotion for HBO's True Blood Season 2. It's a compilation of several different news stories about "extraordinary" people and STrange" events. The funniest part is when a seeing eye dog turns into a...well...just watch.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 5-09   Click to Comment   

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Very amusing, Steve -- thanks for sharing. You do have to admit, though, that that footage does look pretty "computerized." :^)

Posted by: Roger Darnell on June 5, 2009 3:07 PM

They just covered a bunch of True Blood initiatives on Conversational Capital (

The show seems questionable, but the ads are intensely creative. Seriously great work, HBO.

Posted by: Ben Brown on June 8, 2009 1:19 PM

The newest viral videos, of which the one you posted is one, are funny and as creative as a lot of the previous viral ads HBO has been doing for True Blood. Some folks are happy with it, some not.

But Ben (commenter) I read the article on Conversational Capital and I must correct a few things. Twilight books came about 4 years after the first of the book series that inspired True Blood. Urban Fantasy/ Vampire as a genre has been around for a while now. Also, comparing the two is a bit like apples and oranges. Twilight is definitely geared to the young adult (and younger) audience, but there is nothing suitable for youngsters in True Blood. In fact, don't watch True Blood with the kiddies unless you want to follow it up with a sex education discussion that includes why blood is involved in sex. True Blood is dark, brooding, slightly campy, humorous, and satirizes some social issues in a less than in your face way. The books are the same.

But yeah, the viral campaigns can be pretty funny. A direct link to the website for the viral campaign can be found at

Posted by: Soo on June 9, 2009 1:07 PM