Bearing Change for Obama, Brammo Bikes from Detroit to DC


With help from Crispin Porter + Bogusky (featuring built-in tweetage from @bogusky hisself!), two intrepid messengers from Brammo are on a mission to present President Obama with the most energy-efficient electric vehicle in America: the Brammo Enertia powercycle.

The pair adds a dash of bloggable epic to the quest by road-trippin' it from Detroit to Washington, DC: the route automotive CEOs took when they made their pilgrimages to beg for bailout aid.

"But instead of seeking aid, were going to present President Obama with a homegrown solution to the transportation crisis," the pair writes gleefully.

To succeed in their quest, dubbed ShockingBarack, they're depending on little more than "the kindness of everyday Americans." Visit the ShockingBarack website to offer them a place to crash, a source that'll help them get in touch with the President or an outlet to fuel their motorbikes. (They promise to reimburse you the $0.30 it takes to charge them.)

If you lack the inclination or the geographic convenience to do either, follow the journey. The latest video -- where they visit the Mayor of Adrian bearing a peace offering of donuts -- appears below.

The reason for the donuts is simple: they were actually a day late to the meeting, so they hoped a sweet gift would shimmy them back into good graces. "There's nothing more apologetic than a cruller," one says as a potshot of the donuts appears.

This may be true. Sadly, there are no crullers to be seen. The big roundy custard-filled ones are pretty nice too though. In the end, the Mayor gives them a gift of his own: blankets and advice for how to get to The Wizard -- er, Obama.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-15-09   Click to Comment   
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