We Get Email - Redux


Putting the Rants in AdRants for a sec, OH you have no idea what gets sent in. Record labels' latest CDs from D-list talent. Nude iPhone tips. (Those we like, actually.) Upcoming Access Hollywood interviews with an extra from the first season of The Hills. 15,000 word PR releases--with no image or link to a campaign--asking if we'd like an image or link. To. The. Campaign.

Ya think?

Today's gem included a 15 meg Flash file. (Yes, we have every CS app under the sun, but we don't post .swfs.) We might have of course, if we even HAD THE LINKED VIDEO CLIP THAT WENT WITH THE .FLA. Instead, Plan B kicks in and a YouTube search turns up the spot. IT'S IN 3D AND YOU NEED SPECIAL GLASSES. (The clip is below. Just shake your monitor; same effect.)

We prefer Quicktime clips (or the embed code from your site), or better, send a link to your clip already posted on YouTube. We grab code > everybody happy. Make us work for it > everybody not happy. Otherwise, that just takes time away from sorting through the important stuff.

Like the assistant who just got promoted to senior assistant at Graphic Printers Inc.*


*Names fictionalized to protect the innocent--but believe, we get that shit sent every day.

by Bill Green    Nov-17-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Announcements, Creative Commentary