Ken Leaves Barbie Over Compulsive Deforestation


Remember Greenpeace's zealous campaign to get KitKat parent Nestle to stop killing orangutans? New year, new take on the mission.

This time, the target of Greenpeace's gleefully effective marketing is Mattel, whose low-cost packaging options contribute to deforestation in Indonesia. The weapon of choice? Barbie's off-again, on-again beau Ken, who, well, isn't into dating "serial killers" (no, not even the kind with exploding conical bras).

Get more of the same at the entertaining Barbie, It's Over website, where you can watch Ken expose his girlfriend at the expense of his chest-waxing budget.

(Somewhat more seriously, you can also write a strongly-worded letter to Mattel.)

by Angela Natividad    Jun- 8-11   Click to Comment   
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