Sexy Breast Feeding Campiagn Slammed As 'Too Sexy' by Sexy Model in the Sexy Ad


So there's a pro-breastfeeding ad campaign in Mexico that's got people's panties in a bunch. And rightfully so. According to the campaign, the only people who breastfeed in Mexico and light-skinned hotties with perfect figures without an ounce of fat on their bodies.

And that's not all. Apparently, one of the models in the ad, Camila Sodi, was outraged because her likeness was used in the campaign without her permission. While she initially riled her followers on Twitter by saying she didn't want to be associated with the breastfeeding campaign and that she thought it was in bad taste, she later clarified she supports the cause but did not authorize the final artwork.

The ads show topless models with a banner across their breasts which reads, "Don't give them your back, give them your breast."

The ad was also slammed for not addressing other issues behind the low Mexican breastfeeding rate such as lack of proper nutrition, adequate maternity leave and lack of ability to breastfeed at work.




by Steve Hall    May-27-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy   

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