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Release of 'Paris Hilton Sex Tape' Timed Perfectly With Premiere of 'The Simple Life'

Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton

If you haven't seen her on camera, you soon will. Hotel heiress, Paris Hilton, is currently featured behind the camera in two very different types of work. The first, "The Simple Life," premiering on FOX December 2, is a new unscripted series that chronicles two affluent socialites (Hilton with Lionel Ritchie's daughter, Nicole) as they struggle to make the transition from uptown to small town as farmers in Altus, Arkansas.

The second, and already vastly more popular, is Hilton's turn as porn star in the Paris Hilton Sex Tape in which the then 19 year old (now 22) engages in hard core sex with former "90210" star Shannon Doherty's husband Rick Solomon. For all the media coverage, it's really not all that exciting. Sure, there's penetration and a blow job but it's really a drunken Paris vanity video shot in cheesy, "militarily green-lit" home video style. It will certainly haunt the poor girl for the rest of her life and give yet another reason for many to publicly make fun of her spoiled, pampered lifestyle.

Fleshbot covers it here. You can view it here.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, there seems to be more tapes.

by Steve Hall    Nov-12-03    

Charity Receives Complaints Over Grahic Poverty Ad Campaign

An ad campaign for U.K based children's charity Barnardo's has generated 60 complaints, over its graphic nature, to the U.K.'s advertising watchdog. One of newspaper ads shows an infant with a cockroach coming out of its mouth. Other ads show a bottle of alcohol and a syringe in the mouth of the infant. The ads are meant to shock the public into realizing the effects of poverty, homelessness and alcohol on youth.

Jane Goldman, a contributing writer to the Ad-Rag, defends the campaign saying, "If the ad is making people cringe that it's (the poor treatment of poverty-bound infants) going on, then the ad is working. Just because people don't want to see it, well that's sort of the whole point of the ads. To get the fact that these things are happening out there to those who live in their own little worlds, and to show that there is a way to stop these things from happening. If the ads aren't going to be seen by kids who would be scared or scared by them, then I don't see a problem with them at all. You can't close your eyes to the horrors going on and wish them away. Life isn't a Disney movie."

There are unfortunate circumstances in our world yet many choose to ignore them and go on with their daily lives oblivious to the difficult situation of others. Shock value is sometimes the only thing that can pull us out of our daily routine long enough to realize the plight of others. In this respect, this campaign is dead-on effective and should be applauded for it's effort.

by Steve Hall    Nov-12-03    

NBC Losing Thursday Night Foothold

Seems Friends is not all that friendly anymore. Thursday night, a long time ratings stronghold for NBC, is giving way to CBS. NBC's "Friends" is down 39 percent in Adults 18-49 over last year and CBS's Survivor is enjoying a revival increasing seven percent over its six season average.

by Steve Hall    Nov-12-03    

Woman Pulls Breast Milk Ad

Following several prank calls and a query as to whether she offered it in chocalate, a Salt Lake City woman pulled a classified ad offering for sale, her excess breast milk. The 23-year-old woman said she was just trying to help those in need by selling her milk for one dollar per once or $350 for 400 onces.

The Salt Lake City Tribune has said it will not accept anymore ads for breast milk. It was a sad day for the "milf-fetish" crowd.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-03    

Porn Weblog Fleshbot Launches

Porn Portal Extraordinaire

Nick Denton, publisher of celebrity weblog Gawker and geek toy weblog Gizmodo, has added another weblog to his list of nano-publishing ventures. Launched today, Fleshbot is a weblog that will review and link to pornographic websites. Fleshbot is edited by Jonno d'Addario and contributed to by Carly Milne.

Already, the site has links to Paris Hilton sex tape stills as well as "anatomical correctness in computer-generated imagery, sexy newscasters, amateur English exhibitionists, Saturno Butto's erotic fetish portraits, and the homes of the rich a porny."

Like Gawker, the site is sure to be a success with it's mix of racy content and blog-like content aggregation serving the needs of all porn-loving Internet users. In other words, everybody.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-03    

PlayStation 2 Spot Helps You Blow Up Your Neighbor

Neighbors Beware

In this week's Ad Age TV Spots of the Week, PlayStation 2 teaches you how to blow up your neighbors back yard in a new hilarious spot for Gravity Bomb. Also this week are spots from Ford with Magic Johnson and his son, a commercial from Napster promoting the new pay service, a co-branded Cat in the Hat/Visa spot, a Lugz spot featuring Flexmaster Funk promoting the footwear maker's new driving shoe, a spot for BMW featuring mini-angels and a wird spot promoting CarpetOne that talks more about "head rugs" than it does floor rugs.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-03    

Rolling Stones Give Best Buy Four Licks

Would Guster Do This?

Best Buy has an exclusive deal to launch the Rolling Stones' new "Four Licks" four-DVD boxed set in exchange for the band's acting as Best Buy pitchmen in an upcoming ad campaign. The band will appear in the consumer electronics retailer's TV and print ads, online advertising, Sunday circulars and in-store advertising. The campaign will also include an entertainment showcase spot on TiVo and a Times Square Jumbotron.

The generation that followed the Rolling Stones and that this sort of "sell out" would bother is far too old to care while at the same time if, say, Guster struck a similar deal with Best Buy, would the younger, media saturated generation even care?

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-03    

Hilary Duff to Star in New CBS Sitcom

CBS has inked a deal with 16 year old Hilary Duff to star in a "Family Ties" - like comedy to begin in the 2004-05 season. CBS, traditionally an older skewing network, hopes Duff's popularity will bring younger viewers to the aging network. Add this to the busy girl's list of recent achievements: an ad campaign for Hasbro, a new clothing line, the launch of Hilary Duff pre-paid Visa cards for kids, a hit single with a concert tour and a film career. "Mommy, I'm tired!"

by Steve Hall    Nov- 9-03    

U.K. Oral Sex Ad For FHM Deemed Too Racy

This ad, showing a women kneeling in front of a man giving him oral sex, has been banned by the Advertising Watchdog.

The magazine has used ever more racier tactics to maintain its position in the crowded lads magazine space. And it seems to have paid off. Sales of the magazine have increased by 8.7% to 620,226 copies, according to Audit Bureau of Circulations figures released today.

Although the boost was nowhere near FHM's 1999 peak of 775,000, it shows the right formula - in this case putting scantily clad girls-next-door on the cover - can still work its magic in the men's market.

Offensive as this ad may be to some, it's simply being honest in positioning itself to its target audience. After all, there's really nothing wrong with sex.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 9-03    

Swiss panty Maker Introduces No Smoking Bra

Triumph International, a Swiss-based underwear maker, has developed a bra which it claims helps women quit smoking with embedded perfume capsules that react with cigarette smoke making it unpleasant smelling. The capsules contain lavender which has a sedative property as well as jasmine which alters the taste of cigarettes. The bra is also treated with liquid titanium to break down cigarette smoke.

The bra was presented at a trade show in Tokyo but Triumph has not yet decided if it will actually produce the bra. One wonders when Triumph will develop a bra to either attract men or repel them depending on the woman's mood.

Triumph is know for it's "bravertising"

by Steve Hall    Nov- 8-03    

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