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Eddie Bauer Teams With Hollywood B-Listers For Environmental Awareness Campaign

Apparently the environment doesn't warrant A-Listers so Eddie Bauer, along with Conde Nast and the Environmental Media Association, has turned to Hollywood B-Listers to participate in an environmental awareness print campaign. B-Listers Daryl Hannah, Rob Lowe, Amy Smart, Melina Kanakaredes and Christian Slater will grace the pages of 13 Conde Nast publications as well as Eddie Bauer point of purchase locations.

The actors will be dressed in Eddie Bauer clothing and blather on about their own efforts to preserve the environment in this testimonial approach.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 7-04    

Brand Store Offers Self Service Marketing For Small Business

Ad agency Catch Light Productions has launched a self service, marketing-in-a-box service called The Brand Store. The Brand Store offers select solutions developed specifically to provide an alternative to full-service marketing when convenience and economy are the driving factors. But, like Google Adwords, it requires a large amount of work on the marketer's part.

The Brand Store is ideal for companies who frequently order items such as forms, stationary, posters, mugs, etc. The "stores" can contain departmental categories for easy ordering of products by various personnel within the company.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 7-04    

Woman Gives Birth to Horse in Japanese Ad

Overcome by the cheap $18 price of Sun Microsystems' StarSuite, famous (in Japan) actress Norika Fujiwara faints and gives birth to a horse in this television commercial for SourceNext. Stretching to explain the concept behind the commercial, SourceNext President and CEO Nori Matsuda says, "We convey a concept of our $18 strategy as surprising and moving in the ad. The ad basically says, 'Anything can happen.'"

by Steve Hall    Jul- 7-04    

Bosnian Beer Lover Negotiating Ad Sponsorship

A Bosnian man who drinks 15 pints of beer a day and was just pictured in a local paper drinking his 400,000th bottle, is in discussions with a brewer apparently to appear in an ad campaign as some kind of role model to aspire to. Can anyone say alcoholic? Does anyone wonder which beer company would want to have anything to do with this guy?

Interestingly, the man, 61 year old Marijan Camber says he does not drink to get drunk and the beer has no affect on him. He once drank 80 bottles in one day just to see what happened and he claims he did not get drunk. Hmm...maybe Bosnian beer has no alcohol in it.

He does offer up a great little nugget that will surely find its way into a headline, ""Sex is a fleeting pleasure that is not always that great and not always available, but the pleasure from beer is always good - and you can have it as often as you want." Replacement for the beer babes?

by Steve Hall    Jul- 7-04    

Consumers Do Not Blame Marketers For Their Fatness

In a pleasing and refreshing blast of common sense, a recent study by Universal McCann InTuition found the majority of Americans, 83 percent, feel it is the individual and not food marketers who should be responsible for making sure they eat right. So all the losers out there suing McDonald's and Burger King for making them fat are simply the sensationalistic minority.

Of course it must be noted the study was conducted by an ad agency - not exactly an impartial player in the game. And then there's the wording of the question. Was it, "Who is responsible for your eating properly, you or marketers?" Or, was it, "Are marketers responsible for the easting habits of loser, fat slob slackers who would sue their mother if the thought they could win - yes or no?" Might make a difference in the response.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 7-04    

Olsen 'Got Milk' Campaign Pulled, Replaced by 'Got Blow'

Poor Mary-Kate's trials and tribulations with anorexia and drug use have driven the marketers at the Milk Processor Education Program to pull the campaign "out of sensitivity for her situation." And with Ashley saying in May at the outset of the campaign, "We want to make sure our fans are healthy like us," well, you can imagine the conference room discussions about brand association on that one.

The campaign might be cancelled but that didn't stop an enterprising reader of Defamer from sending in a version of the ad that cuts through the brand association bullshit and just tells it like it is - Got Blow? A gram of Coke will make you grow. Click the picture for a bigger version.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 7-04    

Paris Hilton Makes Guess Ad Debut

Celebutante Paris Hilton has finally made her debut in the new Fall Guess print ad campaign. The campaign was shot earlier this year in L.A. by Ellen von Unwerth. Hilton follows Drew Barrymore, Claudia Schiffer, Adriana Lima and Anna Nicole Smith as the fashion designer's spokesmodel. In the images here, she looks quite different in each shot. In the first, she looks pregnant. In the second, she looks her typical vapid self. And in the third, one commenter on this board says she looks like Christina Aguilera. Amazing talent, this girl.

He res images here.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 7-04    

Girls See More Alchohol Ads Than Women

A new study released today by The Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine states a greater percentage of girls 12 to 20 see alchohol ads than do women over 21 and women 21 to 34. The study also cites teenage drinking has increased especially among girls and draws correlations between this increase and the increase in alchohol ads seen by girls.

One has to hope this increase in reach to teenagers is unintentional. It's certainly possible this is the case with the "read-up" behavior among teens consuming media targeted for age groups older than their own. On the other hand, it wouldn't be out of the question for brewers and distillers to try and grab mindshare as early as possible hoping teenagers will gravitate to their brand once they reach legal age. Either way, more teenagers are getting drunk than ever before.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 6-04    

PETA Outs IAMS, Cindy Margolis Clarifies Her Doggy Style

PETA's efforts to promote its undercover sting operation of an IAMS contract testing laboratory using a billboard in Columbus, Ohio was put down by the outdoor company. PETA hoped to have its new anti-Iams billboard displayed in Columbus. The billboard shows a caged dog with the tagline "Sally Suffered for Six Years in Iams Experiments." The message refers to an undercover investigation at an Iams contract laboratory, where at least 27 dogs were killed, while others died of illnesses that went untreated. The ad is part of PETA?s international campaign, which was launched in Iams? hometown of Dayton, Ohio, last September, to protest the misery of animals who were apparently neglected and killed in Iams? laboratory tests.

Pleasant. Now for some slightly less bloody news, popular "model" Cindy Margolis will, as PETA spokesmodel, clear up any confusion surrounding her dogs favorite sexual position in an anti-IAMS print effort with the headline "IAMS isn't my doggie's style." Thanks for clearing that up Cindy but now we wonder what exactly your favorite position might be. But that's a topic for a different weblog.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 6-04    

Hiltons Attack TV Reality Genre

Reality Blurred reports more Hiltons are jumping on the reality television train wreck. Bored with their posh lifestyles and tired of their unrealistic outlook on reality, both Paris Hilton's Dad, Rick, and her sister Nicky are getting in the game. Rick will track seven high rollers who toss in $1 million each and compete in Las Vegas over a seven day period for the $7 million prize. Nicky is in discussions to create her own television show. Hilton Mom, Kathy, is already hosting her own reality series, The Good Life. Reality Blurred also points out there's likely more to come as there are two brothers in the family, Barron and Conrad.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 6-04    

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