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OK, OK, are you sick of it? What? How dare you? The show rocks, dudes! Don't be hating on it. OK, OK, so yea, four days of ad:tech and all of the puffery and pontification from the endless list of companies that continuously claim to the be the first, best and only at what they do when just two booths down, another company is shoveling the same sales sales spiel as if the other company doesn't exist. There really should be an odds game where we could place bets on which of the hundred companies that claim to do the same thing will still be around when the next ad:tech happens.

Since the Adrants "to be published" inbox is is about to explode from press release insanity, we're going to recap some of the news that occurred over the past few days so you can get up to speed since Adrants is the only advertising publication you read and you couldn't possibly have heard this news from any other source, right? OK, we can only hope. So here it is:

- Bill Green launched PayPerDiss, an not so subtle slam on Pay Per Post which recently change its name because it's sick of taking shit from everyone about its business model. Oh, come on, You know it's true. Remember Gator changing its name to Claria?

- Someone thinks a recent Canadian car ad that centers around a man raised by lions is a bit too similar to an older Honey comb cereal ad that centers around a boy raised by bees.

- The California Department of Public Health launched a video contest called Be a Reel Hero which asks people to submit videos with the winner's becoming part of the organization's ongoing anti-smoking campaign. Has the entire ad industry decided to take a nap and hand the keys over to amateurs?

- Thanks to Nylon Motion and RPA, we now have to experience old memories we'd rather not thanks to their kitschy use of imagery and Heart's Barracuda. Never heard of Heart? Don't worry. You aren't missing anything. Where's the spot? We'd love to share it with you but it's a 40MB MoFo and we just can't deal with that right now.

- Please stop by both 830 to check out MediaTrust's new online social book network. Oops. Sorry. ad:tech's over. Too late.

- ScratchBack has launched an online tipping system which lets publishers accept tips from readers and offer links or images in return. Or something like that.

- With over 2.7 million YouTube views, this video for Samsung's g800 camera does the stop motion thing on the skin of a guy and a girl. We pity the pair for having to sit around for hours on end while their bodies where continually scrawled upon.

- Somehow, this promotes a book. We don't get it. Oh wait. It's a book about cartoons. OK

- Rubicon, which hosted a kickin' party at ad:tech has created a network of ad networks where publishers can drop a chuck of code on their site and Rubicon will pull the best ads from a large selection of ad networks.

- "Etology just launched the first Japan Ad-Network partnered with Technorati Japan called AdButterfly, in addition to already surpassing AdBrite domestically with over 1-billion ads-served through their network." AdBrite? What do you have to say about that?

- Here's pictures of Target's model-less fashion show at Grand Central. Hmm. Seems about as exciting as watching grass grow.

- "By now, you've heard the news about JAJAH's new partnership with Oridian and new patent pending in-call advertising platform." we haven't but we'd love to stop by your booth to find out. Oops. Sorry, again. ad:tech's over.

- Remember that McDonald's Fresh Salad board? Here's a time-lapse video of the boards construction. Again, about as exciting as watching grass grow. Oh wait, grass IS growing. OK, so it's not grass but it is green.

- Here's a cool ad from Dorina Nowill Foundation which uses Braille to support the need for more books published in Braille.

- In an effort to rid the industry of senseless, but very humorous business blather like "At the end of the day, we need to monetize our assets to give clients a solution," Ad Age's Small Agency Diary is hosting a contest asking readers to come up with replacements for words like incentivize, solution and robust.

- InSkin Media promise to monetize (oops, my bad) videos with its new InSkin video ad unit kinda like Google already doing with its video ad units.

- Look! Look! Penis enlargement puppet-style! Leagas Delaney created and GoViral seeded and tracked.

- Amanda Beard? Mark Spitz? GoDaddy? Oh just watch. Just don't expect anything that great.

- Facebook...blah, blah, ad system...blah, blah, blah...newsfeeds invaded...blah, blah, blah...friends turned into marketing shills...blah, blah, blah...yawn...

- Donny Deutsch has one. Why not Alex Bogusky?

- This just in from the rumor mill. Alex Bogusky (yea we just mentioned him) has, apparently, asked his creatives to give him cameo appearances, Hitchcock-style, in the agency's work.

- It's official. 10, 800, up from 9,083 in 2006, people pre-registered for ad:tech New York, making the recent show the biggest ever.

- We really like this Marks & Spencer Christmas Belles commercial created by RKCR/Y&R, London.

- AnchorFree has released its WiFi hotspot ad network which helps marketers easily and accurately target people based on their location through agreements with wireless hotspot providers.

- We are so sure we've seen this Slingbox commercial before but, apparently, we haven't. We're told it's new. Maybe we think we've seen it before because the whole dentist joke thing has been done exactly like this before.

- ACHTUNG! has launched a site that invites people to sync typical lyrics & music of the last 60 years with the Volkswagen models that were released over of the last 6 decades.

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Steve thanks for the mention. The social media site is the first of many that are coming live. The demo is the first to show our social media operating system that is powered by a relevance engine which we have been building for the last 2 years.

Posted by: pirate on November 10, 2007 11:37 AM

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