Irish Bank Think Brutal Truth the Best Policy


Oh yes, indeed. Life is most certainly more "interesting" when you tell the truth. That's the premise of this "The Truth" campaign for Ireland-based bank, RaboDirect. In these trying financial times, people want honesty, transparency and the brital truth. And that's what they get in this video campaign for the bank.

There's a video floating around on YouTube. There's a couple longer, much more interesting videos on the bank's site. One features a husband openly imaging what he'd like to do with his wife and their friend Eva. Another features a man confessing his extramarital affairs to a shrink. Both videos have interestingly-placed bleeps which make the voiceovers far more interesting than they'd normally be.

People can also submit their own truth-focused videos which the bank will feature on its site.

Truth in Lending. Oh wait. That's another entities tagline. Whatever. We like the campaign. Open. Honest. Funny. Not your normal banking shite (as the Irish would say).

by Steve Hall    Apr- 7-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Good, Strange, Video   

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