Consol Energy Not Worried About Shortage of Oil


Well, it certainly isn't green but hey, some companies just have to tell it like it is. One such company is Consol Energy. In two new commercials, the company points out the fact coal, versus oil, provides most of America's energy needs. And when oil dries up, we shouldn't worry because coal will be there to save the day.

The first commercial claims half of our energy and 70 percent of our electricity doesn't come from oil, rather coal and natural gas. The second commercial touches on America's reliance upon foreign oil but, again, claims there won't be a problem when oil runs out because Consol Energy will be there with truckloads of coal and pipelines full of natural gas.

No doubt this won't go over well with environmentalists but it's not like Americans are going to give up their way of life anytime soon.

The two commercials, created by Pittsburgh-based Brunner, will air primarily on sports programming, including MLB, NHL and NASCAR, on four broadcast networks, and on spot cable including ESPN, TBS, TNT and USA.

by Steve Hall    May- 7-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials   

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