Momicillin Promises Stress-Reducing Elixir of Humorous Help


We had Motrin Moms. Now we have Momicillin which, unlike vehement personality of the whole Motrin Mom thing, promises to be constructive and helpful. We specially like the drug label-style verbiage the site uses. As an example, here's the About section, which they call "Indications."

"Momicillin is indicated for the treatment of crankiness, confusion, self-doubt, body-aches, memory loss, fatigue or general malaise due to excessive exertion or repetition during job-related activities. These activities may include, but are not limited to: binky finding, goop removing, conflict negotiating, facial contorting, bum wiping, boo-boo kissing, block stacking, carpooling, and monster slaying."

Five writers promise to deliver "straight from the trenches" humor and advice. Oh and that headline

by Steve Hall    May- 7-09   Click to Comment   
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