Little Debbie Gives Her Muffins to Interns


Step aside, cupcake fad. Little Debbie wants muffins to be the cool new snack. And what better way to achieve that than target a group just entering the workplace that hasn't yet been accosted by a cupcake-wielding geek. This summer Little Debbie will give out 200 sampler boxes of Little Debbie Muffins to interns across the country.

All a hungry intern has to do is take a picture of themselves holding a sign asking for muffins and send it in. Each day, 5-10 interns will be selected and sent a sampler box. They'll also be featured on Little Debbie's Intern Hero site.

We know there's a lot of you interns out there in the ad industry working hard for little or no money doing menial tasks your superiors feel is beneath them. And you're probably not getting a whole lotta love for your efforts but Little Debbie is there to help. So send your sign in and get your muffins.

by Steve Hall    Jul-14-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Promotions   

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