Cute Girl Gets Explosive Silk Milk Facial


Out since March of 2011, this Silk Soy ad is enjoying a bit of a rebirth. The moody, softly shot spot features a cute, smiling girl as questions appear on screen. She (and viewers) are asked "Are you worried?", "About your health?", "About the earth?"and "Do you need change?" She is then given...

A giant facial.

That's right. A giant facial.

She (and we) are then asked, "Do you feel it?", "This graceful flavor. Low in saturated fat. 100% cholesterol free. As [much] calcium as dairy milk. Naturally lactose free. It uses 1/3 the water as dairy milk. Non-genetically modified ingredients."

All while she happily experiences the after effect...of a giant facial.

This isn't some random spoof. This video is housed on Silk's brand channel. Buzzfeed reports the ad was the result of a user-created ad competition.

One might think this a daring move for a brand but there's been quite a history of facial-fueled ads over the years. In 2004, Vodaphone gave a girl a facial in the form on a snowball. In 2006, Clinique delivered a thick load in an ad for moisturizing cream. In 2010, Juicy Drop delivered its juice to a girl much too young to be receiving any kind of facial. In 2011, Sephora, Skittles and Bavarian House Lean Pockets all had fun erupting all over women's faces.

Is this tactic over the top or just par for the course these days? Let us know in comments.

Update: The backstory has become quite interesting.

by Steve Hall    Jul-23-12   Click to Comment   
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