Yup. This Skype Ad Will Make You Cry


Long ago two girls on opposite ends of the Earth were born with out full left arms. Their parents connected in the child's early years for support and encouragement. After a time, the girls, themselves, became friends and began conversing over Skype...for eight years.

The girls, Sarah from Nappanee, Indianna and Paige from Aukland, Neew Zealand, formed a strong bond and formed a deep friendship. But they had never met. Until, as part of Skype's Family Portrait Series, the two were able to meet.

Their story, incredibly heartwarming, is beautifully told in a three minute video created by Pereira & O'Dell. In the video, we learn the history of the girls, how their mothers connected the girls and we get top see the two girls meet for the first time. This is when the heart strings are yanked to their fullest but in a decidedly unmanipulative manner. Via.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-13    
Topic: Best, Video

The Simplicity of This Zales Wedding Proposal Ad Makes It A Winner


As jewelry store wedding proposal commercials go, this one from Zales is sweet and low key steering clear of cheesiness and metaphor. Created by GSD&M, the campaign is called Let Love Shine and features the track, Ends of the Earth, by Lord Huron.

The jeweler has, for the past two years, partnered with up and coming bands including The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes and Various Cruelties.

The simplicity of this ad is what makes it work so well.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-13    
Topic: Commercials

This Ron Burgundy Dodge Ad Likely Beats the Record For the Number of Brand Mentions in A Single Ad


So by now you've seen quite a few of Ron Burgundy's Dodge commercials, right? The brand gave Will Ferrell broad control over creative in the campaign and the results, given Ferrell's oddball sense of humor, are quite good.

We love this latest entry called Do-dge which must break some kind of record for the number of times a brand name gets mentioned in a :30 commercial.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-13    
Topic: Celebrity

Here Is Your ad:tech New York 2013 Party Calendar


So this week 10,000 of you will descend upon the Javits Center for ad:tech which will take place Wednesday and Thursday this week. You will, of course, work diligently throughout the day checking out exhibitors, making connections and closing business. That's a given.

But when the day is done, it's not time to go to sleep or wander aimlessly around New York looking for something to do. No. It's time to consult our friendly ad:tech Party Calendar so you know when and where to be and to insure you keep your networking activities going late into the night. Because as we all know, sometimes the best deals are closed at that time.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-13    
Topic: Industry Events

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