The Impact of Industry Consolidation on How Agencies Work Together


With (now denied) rumors having swirled about the advertising industry a while back that giant advertising holding company Publicis Groupe would swallow up Interpublic Group, the notion of agency consolidation has become almost comical. It wasn't so long ago that independent advertising agencies ruled the industry. Today behemoths like Publicis, MDC, Interpublic, Publicis WPP and Omnicom now control the lion's share of ad agencies.

This consolidation has wreaked havoc in many areas of agency operations - not the least of which are the numerous client conflicts that arise when one agency buys another and then the two realize they now handle competing brands, a no-no in the ad world.

But an area of concern that receives much less press and attention is agency operations - the plain, old, boring notion to how an agency gets work done. It's not sexy but, believe me, the fastest way to lose a client is complicated and confusing operational methodologies.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-17-12    
Topic: Agencies

Best Natural Breasts Hype Breast Cancer Awareness Month


- Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Coed Magazine compiled a list of the 60 Best Natural Breasts (not nude).

- The Wall Street Journal Digital Network announced today the launch of a branded private ad exchange called "WSJ AUDEX." The invitation-only exchange will allow advertisers and marketers to leverage programmatic buying (RTB) of the network's first-party data across,, and

- Who knew automotive oil could be used to lube up a hot, bikinied sunbather?

- Check out these singing eggs which tout the benefits of shopping for gorceries online at mySupermarket.

by Steve Hall    Oct-15-12    
Topic: Racy

Seven Ways to Improve Agency Efficiency


Nothing loses an agency client faster than inefficient process and the frustration it causes. Not even Cannes-winning work can keep a client if the agency can't manage the relationship properly. Previously, I wrote about the impact of industry consolidation and how it has affected the ability of the acquired agency and its holding company siblings to work smoothly and efficiently.

This week I'm sharing seven tips you can put to use right now to ensure your agency is serving your clients swiftly, effectively and efficiently - like the proverbial well-oiled machine.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-15-12    
Topic: Agencies

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