How Do You Deal?

How do you reconcile the differences between your everyday busy schedule filled with work, kids, yardwork, and all the things that occupy your mind......and the other very pure and simple thoughts and feelings that were once a part of your life?

I do believe that you can have different levels of love for different people at different times in your life. It's all a matter of making sure you put those various levels of love in the right places inside you so they don't engulf you so much that you hurt the people in your current state of life.

Life has rules to follow. Perhaps in a different stage of existence, true and unhindered emotion can freely be expressed without consequence.


by Steve Hall    Jun- 5-02    

Tyco, Tyco, Tyco...

Oh, the sweet revenge. As mean as it is, it is so wonderful to see someone get their due. What goes around, comes around or whatever that saying is. Dennis Kozlowski is plastered all over the Business section of the Boston Globe today for his illegal art dealings and other various tax evasion schemes. Who do these fuckers think they are fooling? Whether in life or in death, that shit catches up with you. And for FUCK's sake, Dennis, did you REALLY need more money?? I mean come on, you already have enough money to buy Enron! Oh, excuse me, that company is already fucked.

I worked for an agency on the Tyco account a few years ago when no one had ever heard of Tyco and if they did, they thought of the toy company. It was just a little industrial company making pipes and valves and security systems. Mundane crap no one gave a shit about. Well, they grew and it was time for the ubiquitous Wall Street campaign where we all fool ourselves into believing that an ad in the Wall Street Journal or Business Week will send a stock flying.

So I am in the Tyco headquarters in Exeter NH as a young media planner with the idiotic account manager that handled the account at the time to present our case for coughing up two million for a Wall Street focused campaign.Oh, I had all the necessary facts and figures stating the direct correlation between media spend and "corporate equity" Blah...blah...blah...

So we get half way through the presentation to that part where I end up looking like a shit in front of what then, was a very admired man. I was recommending a campaign in Business Week that would allow for Tyco to tie into Business Week's annual BW 1000 and how we could call attention to the fact in the campaign that Tyco's stock was a high flyer. Well, wouldn't you now, the little fucker of an account exec "forgets" to tell me that Tyco's current quarterly earnings would come out AFTER the Business Week special and that a tie in would not work.

So here I am in front of Dennis Kowsloski who, by the way, is a very large and imposing man. He turns to me and says, "If you had done your homework, you would have known that this strategy will not work because we will not release our earings in time for this" So I look like a blithering idiot as the mindless AE says to Dennis, "I'm sorry, it's my fault. I forget to tell him" Thanks a lot fuck head. Credibility forever erased.

They did actually wind up going with some part of the campaign but I never sat in front of Dennis again.

Could I have known this info on my own? Of course I could have so some blame rests with me.

It's just nice to see him in public fuckery right now:-)

Oh, and by the way, the president of the agency I worked for at the time also dealt heavily in art. I wonder how clean his record is?


by Steve Hall    Jun- 5-02    

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