Apple Not Participating in Macworld Boston

This has to be the single most idiotic decision Apple could make. A Macworld show without Apple? Why bother having the show?

My prediction: Mac fans will rebel against this decision. Apple will relent and show up at the show. Or...the whole thing will go back to New York.

Wired News: Apple Pulls Out of Macworld

by Steve Hall    Oct-17-02 Launches Un-Labeled Text Ads

In a article, it is reported that has begun placing text link ads in the upper right hand corner of their news pages. No big thing, right? Well, they are not labeled as "Advertisements" or "Sponsorships" which is misleading to the reader. I applaud the approach as text links can be effective but I do agree that they should be labeled as such. A CNN spokesperson says they soon will be.

by Steve Hall    Oct-17-02    

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