Despite Increased Internet Usage Gen Y Still Reads College Newspapers

In the post below, I make mention of national newspaper companies creating versions to target the Gen Y audience. A recent study reported on Yahoo by 360 Youth states that college students still look to their college newspaper for daily news and information. From the study:

Despite the impressive connectedness of the youth sector, students continue to read their campus newspaper on a regular basis, making it a highly targeted means for marketers to reach this age group. In fact, a study conducted by Student Monitor found that students prefer their print editions over the online versions, reporting only 8% visited their newspaper websites over the course of a month, while 45% of students had read at least 3 out of the last 5 issues of their campus paper and spend an average of 19 minutes with each issue. The College Explorer study found that 75% of all students read their campus newspaper, finding 25% have read all 5 of the last 5 issues.


by Steve Hall    Oct-31-02   Click to Comment   

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