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by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-02    

Outhouses Versus PVRs

Ad Age put is it in a very interesting light when it states that more homes have outhouses then have PVRs.

The point being, that sales are in the toilet.

I admit when the things first came out I had no idea what they were. They were marketed in such a poor fashion that no one could tell what they were. They should have been marketed as the next generation of the VCR. Just a VCR with a hard disk.

Oh well. The future for this technology is really in partnerships and licensing. Embedding the product in cable boxes and TV. Or, and here's a thought, the VOD model where it's not even in your house but all your paused/recorded/saved shows are just on a hard drive somewhere in a giant server farm in the midwest.

I firmly believe that time shifting technology is here to stay. Just not in the Tivo and Replay format we have today.


A case of the law of large numbers coming into play? Hardly. In a neighborhood of 200 homes, only one on average has a TiVo. More U.S. homes have outhouses (671,000) than TiVos (504,000 to 514,000).


by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-02    

Advertising a Genetic Trait?

It's a stretch, but some facts here make an interesting case.

TWO GENERATIONS SHARE PASSION FOR ADVERTISING Microbiologists may never locate it, but evidence exists there is an advertising gene. It has expressed itself in the cases of the Jordans (Jim, J.J., et al) and Deutsches (David and Donny) and also can be found lurking in the DNA of the Emmerlings.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-02    

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