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Monster.com to Avertise in the Superbowl

Monster.com to Return to Super Bowl for 5th Straight Year

BOSTON--Monster.com said on Tuesday it has purchased at least one 30-second spot during the Jan. 26 broadcast of Super Bowl XXXVII on the ABC network. The appearance during the game will make the fifth consecutive year that the company, a unit of TMP Worldwide, has advertised on the game.

The spot, currently in development from Monster.com lead agency Arnold in Boston, will stress the ways Monster connects job seekers and employers at all levels in a wide range of industries; the work is likely to retain the client's current "Never settle" positioning, according to Monster.com svp, marketing Peter Blacklow.

Let's just hope the spots are as good as the parodies floating around out there.

by Steve Hall    Nov-26-02    

Media And The Next Generation

In an article on MSNBC by Michael Rogers, dramatic changes in how teenagers, who do not know a world without the internet, will consume media. The changes will be quite radical and they are just around the corner.

There is always change from generation to generation. But this pending change in the way people will consume media is so big that when the 15 year old of today becomes the 30 year old business person and consumer of tomorrow, they will find it unfathomable how we could actually get through daily life with the "lame" conventions of today. It will be a dramatic change to say the least.

Now the Watts Wackers of the world know this but are you ready for it? Are you ready to completely change the way you communicate via marketing? Because what works today will be dead on arrival in 5-10 years.


by Steve Hall    Nov-26-02    

The Next Pop Up: The Talking Banner Ad

So now we are going to have ads that talk to you based on your online activity and your demographic profile. Can you imagine what the porn industry is going to do with this?

How'd you like to be sitting in your office one day (in clear audio range of co-workers) and suddenly you hear:

"Hey honey, I noticed that you were having trouble closing the 3,000 porn pop ups that were attacking you last night when you "accidently" went to our site. Can I interst you in some of our sex tools?"

Another good reason to keep your speaker turned down.

Advertising That Knows Where You are

by Steve Hall    Nov-26-02    

InTouch Magazine: 460,000 Newstand Sales in a Month

New Celeb Mag a Newsstand Star

Early word on In Touch Weekly is that the new celebrity magazine soared to a newsstand sale of around 460,000 copies after just a month of publication.

In Touch, which looks a lot like Us Weekly but has a softer touch in reporting on the stars, is said to have grown so quickly that it hit 460,000 with the issue fronted by "Diana's Secret Love Story."


by Steve Hall    Nov-26-02    

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Ad Spending Increases 3.8%

Ad spending on the rise in 2002

Advertising spending rose 3.8% through the first nine months of the year compared with a year ago, according to preliminary figures released Monday by Nielsen Monitor-Plus, a service of Nielsen Media Research.

Growth rates across the 11 reported media ranged from 2% to nearly 10%, but spending on syndication, national newspapers and the Internet declined. Leading the pack were local newspapers, which grew 9.5%. Network television jumped 7.9%, and network radio jumped 7.3%. Others showing growth included Hispanic TV (4.3%), cable TV (3%), national magazines (2.2%) and spot radio (2.1%). National newspaper spending fell 9.3%, followed by syndication, which lost 8.7%, and the Internet, which lost 1%.

The biggest improvement in terms of dollars came from auto companies, the movie industry and the wireless industry.

Neilsen Press Release


by Steve Hall    Nov-26-02    

When I Grow Up: Monster.com Spoof is Back

Posted this spot a while back and then the link died. Here it is again.


Via Inluminent

by Steve Hall    Nov-25-02    

Tony Pierce Rants on About Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Ten million people watched the victoria secret fashion show the other night

only in america would it be considered indecent to have a bunch of supermodels stroll around in panties, but it's perfectly okay to have kids watch a man get down on his knee and propose to a woman that he doesnt know. the bachelor beat the pants off the victoria secret infomercial and where are the nervous ninnies who think it's morally corrupt to let children watch a man make out with dozens of women and then propose to "the winner"?

Go Tony! Yea, what's the deal?There's some weird hypocritical moralistic oddities going on here.

Here's what I said:

"The problem with our society is that we allow the most grotesque forms of violence to make their way into movies and even television while anything more then the "kiss/fade/cigarette in the morning" sex scene gets labeled porn."

More here.


by Steve Hall    Nov-25-02    

Reality TV: Morals Gone Awry

New reality: Forget cash, give me splash

The creators of HBO�s reality show/documentary �Cathouse,� airing in December, covertly filmed the activities at a brothel and then asked the hookers and Johns to allow their goings-on to be televised. All they had to do was sign waivers.

Producer-director Patti Kaplan was shocked to learn that only three people declined to have their whorehouse visits shown on national television.

OK, what's next? The masturabatorial experiences of young teens?

by Steve Hall    Nov-25-02    

The Reel Truth: Ad Agency Shoot Spoof

Here's a couple more of those tongue and cheek jabs at the advertising business. Don't know if these are new but I haven't seen them before.



Here' a few choice lines:

Young New Director: "I'd like to thank you for this opportunity to be bitch slapped in front of everyone."

Agency Art Director: "Oh, we really like taking chances on new directors especially since no one would have come within a mile of this horrendous piece of shit"

Agency Copywriter: "And the nice thing is that you're such a gullible dickweed that we can lie about giving you work in the future and it will keep you timid and malleable."

Agency Copywriter: "Hey, I really like your look. It makes it easier for me to treat you like a small child."


by Steve Hall    Nov-24-02    

Moblog: The Mobile Weblog

Nothing stays status quo for long on the Internet. Just as Weblog are becoming more mainstream, we now have talk of the "moblog" or the mobile weblog. Here's an article about it.

From Weblog to Moblog


by Steve Hall    Nov-23-02    

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